Tatra banka's Contact Centre Has an Optimal Number of Agents for Each Part of the Day

Company Tatra Banka a.s. Member of RBI Group
Sector Banking
Number of employees 3 400

The integrated Communication system for Romatsa


  • To automatize and simplify the shift planning for DIALOG Live contact center agents.
  • To provide the contact center optimal human capacity for each part of the day and thus improve overall cost-effectiveness.
  • To ensure long-term quality customer service provided by the contact center.


  • Implementation of Verint® Workforce Management™ from Verint Systems, partner of Soitron.
  • Linking to the contact center system from which the software obtains details about telephone calls, emails, and chats.
  • Several months of set up, testing and fine-tuning technical and functional settings according to Tatra Banka’s specific requirements.


  • More accurate distribution of agents’ shifts so that the contact center has an optimal number of workers at each moment.
  • Effectively ensure the availability and quality of services provided by the call center.
  • Reducing the time managers spend planning shifts and adjusting them to the needs of actual operations.
  • More accurate distribution of each employee’s total working time in each month.

Technology used

Verint® Workforce Management™
from Verint Systems

“It matters to us to always be available for our current and potential clients and to provide quality service or products that they are interested in.“

Ľuboš Kováč Head of contact center DIALOGLive
at Tatra banka

“The planning in the Verint Workforce Management system is based on 15-minutes intervals, which guarantees fluent operation of the contact center at each moment.“

In other words, there shouldn’t be a time when some employees are inactive and unproductive nor should there be a time when clients cannot get through to an operator properly.
Martin Hummel Product Manager at Soitron.


Accurately forecasts daily and long-term workload, monitors adherence to schedule, and enables intra-day trends to be tracked against forecasts for quick action.

Creates employee schedules to help meet service levels consistently and cost effectively, while accommodating employee proficiencies, quality scores, skills, preferences, and rank.

Supports inbound, outbound, blended, in-house, outsourced, and virtual contact center and back-office customer service operations.


The largest insurance group in the UK, Aviva implemented Impact 360 Workforce Management to get greater flexibility and higher performance out of its workforce, improving productivity by 17% and reducing wait time by 40%. (Source: Verint.com)


Up to 70% of contact center and back-office operating costs can be represented by staffing. (Source: Verint.com)


One of the leading health and nutrition companies in the U.S., USANA Health Sciences leveraged Impact 360 Workforce Management to simplify and centralize scheduling across sites, resulting in 23% more calls handled per week and an 8% increase in service levels. (Source: Verint.com)

Client Tatra banka

Technology provider Verint