“M.S. Curie” clinical emergency hospital for children implements an unique telemedicine solution.

Sector Health Care

Transition from staff augmentation to a service based model


  • Develop a telemedicine solution to offer a state-of-the-art audio-video communication system and to ensure the necessary support for the continuous improvement of the medical act quality.


  • Datanet Systems has created an original telemedicine solution based on voice and data infrastructure and mobile equipment supplied by Vodafone and developed on Cisco’s telepresence and video surveillance technologies and


  • The solution has increased the efficiency degree of the activity of medical staff from the Newborn Intensive Care Unit by:
    – the supply of advanced communication capabilities,
    – simplification of routine operations,
    – prevention of incidents,
    and opened the path to new further improvements.


The Clinical Emergency Hospital for Children “M.S. Curie” currently holds the most modern Newborn Intensive Care Unit in Southeastern Europe.
The construction of new wards and modern technology required a total investment of 2.165m €, supported by the Vodafone Foundation (1.4m €), Children’s Heart Association (615 000€) and funds from “MS Curie” Hospital (150 000€). The presented telemedicine system was funded by the Vodafone Romania Foundation.
In order to permanently improve the medical act quality, following the initiative of the head of Newborn Intensive Care Unit, dr. Cătălin Cîrstoveanu, Datanet Systems created and developed an unique telemedicine solution through the singularity of the designed architecture.

The Solution

The need for this solution appeared as a result of multiple critical situations which the doctors from the Newborn Intensive Care Unit have to deal with. On one hand, it is about their need of having advanced means of communication which allow them fast consultation in conditions of guaranteed quality of transmission – of specialized physicians who either are not in the hospital or in the country, in a specific case. The case should be presented to interlocutors with live images of the patient, monitoring data transmitted in real time and specific medical documents. On the other hand, there was the need of a system able to assure the permanent video surveillance of patients and the monitoring of medical staff activity.

“The technical telemedicine solution implemented in the “M.S. Curie” Clinical Emergency Hospital for Children was designed and developed by Datanet Systems based upon specific requirements of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Thanks to the competences of our specialists and their expertise gained from other completed projects, we’ve managed to efficiently translate the requirements of the medical team into an unique technological solution customized to the special needs of this field.”


Solution Architect UC & Contact Center, Datanet Systems

Project benefits

The telemedicine solution implemented by Datanet Systems and Vodafone in Newborn Intensive Care Unit from the “M.S. Curie” Clinical Emergency Hospital for Children has three main categories of beneficiaries. The main beneficiaries are the patients who, due to the solution, have an extra chance to life. ““The main gain offered by the implemented solution consists of increasing the efficiency and proactivity of the medical act and the avoidance of errors. We made a series of major decisions in the ward based on the information provided by the solution and the final objective was the decrease of mortality and morbidity, dr. Cătălin Cîrstoveanu declares.

A second category of beneficiaries is the medical staff from the Newborn Intensive Care Unit whose activity was optimized by offering advanced communication options, simplification of routine operations (exchange of information at handover of the call, the remote performance of visits etc.), investigation of incidents and their prevention.

This project has been a special opportunity to use the Datanet experience of IT systems integrator and its creative spirit to fulfill a set of specific requirements. The project implementation in the specific environment of Clinical Emergency Hospital was a challenge we have successfully overcome.

DRAGOȘ PÂRVULESCUEnterprise Account Manager, Datanet Systems

“Within the project realized at “M.S. Curie” Clinical Emergency
Hospital for Children, Vodafone Romania Foundation has provided the necessary funding for the acquisition of the video, voice and data secure infrastructure, the next generation mobile devices, as well as level 1 support services through 24/7 available teams.“


Director, Vodafone Romania Foundation