Company Medirex Group
Industry Health Care
Employees 1600

Transition from staff augmentation to a service based model


  • to modernize an outdated intranet to make it more userfriendly
    and allow authorized staff to publish information
    without a need for assistance from the IT department
  • to make the document management clearer
    and more effective
  • to improve meeting management allowing for easy
    searching of basic information about each meeting, but also
    keeping track of the agreed tasks and projects assigned to
    individuals or teams
  • to create an effective tool to support internal
    communication within the company allowing MEDIREX
    GROUP companies to build their corporate culture and
    share information from their lives


  • to create a portal based on Microsoft SharePoint platform supporting enterprise
    communication, collaboration and document sharing
  • to make use of the built-in features of SharePoint
  • to develop special tools and to adapt the system to meet customer’s specific requirements


  • a vibrant portal kept up-to-date with the latest corporate news, event calendar and media monitoring
  • streamlined and targeted (to individual divisions or departments) content publishing allowing searching for information and people, for instance based on their first name, last name, email address or extension number
  • improved meeting planning and creation of a tool allowing managers to see who is working on what task or project and what is their planned completion date
  • clearer document management – it is always clear whether or not the document is valid, who and when modified it, who approved it, or what previous versions looked like
  • an electronic invoice circulation and approval system
  • an effective reporting system with a reach to the lower management levels

The intranet portal put documents in order, simplified and clarified the exchange of information, made the project management easier and supported the development of internal communication.

In smaller companies, where the majority of employees work in one large open space or on a single floor,
mutual collaboration and communication of staff is usually not a major problem.
It is more complicated in companies such as MEDIREX GROUP providing comprehensive laboratory diagnostics for healthcare facilities across Slovakia. Medirex provides services to hundreds of clinics, hospitals and general and specialized outpatient departments. It operates the technologically most advanced and largest central laboratory in Slovakia and in Central Europe. Daily it tests samples from 7-10 thousand patients. It provides healthcare services through Malacky Hospital and SENIOR Geriatric Centre. MEDIREX GROUP ACADEMY is involved in health care science and research and education support.
The company of this size, having such a great responsibility towards patients, needs a powerful tool for internal communication and the management of documents, meetings as well as tasks and projects of individual employees or departments.

Their legacy corporate portal

In the past MEDIREX GROUP had no such tools. Their corporate intranet was outdated, built on the HTML platform. Publishing was reserved exclusively to the IT department, which was time consuming and inefficient. There was no track record of what happened in the intranet, so it was difficult to hold anybody accountable if some important message was not published in the intranet in due time. In addition, it was not possible to target information specifically to individual divisions or to search, which made the corporate portal not much user-friendly and easy to read.

The situation was similar with document management. Various documents, such as guidelines, instructions or manuals were saved by employees to the central repository in different versions, with made it difficult to see which version is valid, who last revised a document and who, if anybody at all, approved the revision.

In addition to having their intranet and document management improved, managers at MEDIREX also needed a tool that would enable them to better manage their meetings – not just planning, but also to keep track of what was discussed at each meeting and what were the agreed conclusions and tasks.

With respect to internal communication, their legacy intranet offered only photo galleries to store pictures from their company events. Publishing of important information, news and reports for various levels of management was not available. Another issue on the table was a wish to communicate informal company related information to all employees, regardless of the region of Slovakia.

“We’ve demonstrated that not only we were able to fully utilize the builtin features of SharePoint, but also customize and fine-tune the system to meet customer’s specific requirements.“

Pavol Pleva

Applications Business Unit Manager at Soitron


up to 50 invoices processed a day
managed documents include more than 900 documents
700 photos in the main gallery



Medirex, a.s. is part of MEDIREX GROUP consisting of 7 companies providing high-quality health care services from prevention, to diagnostics, to treatment of diseases. Members of the MEDIREX GROUP are Medicyt, s.r.o. – cytology laboratories, Medirex, a.s. –laboratories providing comprehensive laboratory diagnostics in Eastern Slovakia, Nemocničná a.s. – operating a hospital in Malacky; Senior – geriatrické centrum, n.o. – providing 24-hour medical care to chronically ill, Medirex Servis, s.r.o. – providing comprehensive operational and logistics services to other companies, and MEDIREX GROUP ACADEMY n.o. – supporting science and research, undergraduate and postgraduate education in health care. The companies also include nationwide HPL microbiological laboratories. The core mission of companies grouped in MEDIREX GROUP is to provide a first-class medical care to every patient. Presently the group has more than 1,600 registered employees.