What We Do

Soitron Group has been helping its customers to build and retain a competitive advantage thanks to smart use of IT solutions since 1991.
Case Studies

Beside the traditional networking projects we worked hard over the years to set up a new efficiency and quality standards in managed delivery services.

As a company with enduring passion for innovation we do not stop when facing challenges requiring unique out-of-the-box solutions.

International System Integration

Soitron Group, represented by six well-established companies, has been providing customers with IT networking products and services since 1991. We are proud of our expertise, deep knowledge and customer references especially in the areas of IT Infrastructure, Unified Communications, Business Video, Multichannel Contact Centres and Security solutions.

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Managed Outsourcing Services

Experience the difference between traditional outsourced IT operations and Soitron managed delivery services, which creates added value and promotes innovations. Our transparent delivery model keeps you always in driving seat. You set the vision, and while being in control of KPIs and cost, you stay agile and focused on your core business.

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Special Solutions

In Soitron, we are fond of innovative projects, which help our clients grow and accelerate their business. Most recently, we have implemented unique solutions for the Mobile Police Force for Ministry of Interior of the Slovak republic, the Voice biometrics authentication for customers of Tatra banka in Slovakia (member of Raiffeisen) and Air Traffic Control (ROMATSA) in Romania.

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