We want to be close to our customers and partners – that is why their location strategy & investments are reflected in our location strategy and plans.


Poland is one of the most dynamically developing IT services markets in Europe & WW.


In Soitron we believe in human capital, and Poland is highly valued for its highly qualified IT staff.

What we do

Voice Biometrics

Voice biometrics authenticates your customers through natural voice patterns, not robotic PINs, passwords, and questions.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) is pivotal to any businesses’ success, continuity and competitiveness. With our solution you will be better poised to seize future opportunities within budget and at a reasonable expense.

Staff Augmentation

Maximize the potential of all staff resources, measure their progress, find the right cultural fit in a supplier and you will be best placed to meet both short and longterm business objectives.


Your infrastructure, operating systems and application monitoring together with real-time reporting will provide flawless operation of your business, significantly decrease the number of outages as well as the time necessary for identification and elimination of potential outages.

Managed Services

Remove your headache of provisioning IT systems – or indeed the whole IT infrastructure – by outsourcing the management to us. We are here to look after your IT assets, procurement and logistics related to PCs, servers, routers and switches.

MOSY - Intelligent Public Safety

MOSY empowers police forces, officers and vehicles with the intelligence they need to deal with the enforcement issues facing their communities. The technology can be tailored to fit any police department’s requirements and can be easily and quickly integrated with existing technologies.